Northfort Fire and Life Safety Solutions
Redefining Fire Protection

Fire Alarm Systems

Northfort specializes in Fire Alarm Systems:

  • Design, Retrofitting and Commissioning
  • Residential Upgrades
  • Verification and Annual Service

Our Team of Experienced, CFAA/ASTTBC certified Technicians and Journeymen Electricians are certified and qualified to work in every Jurisdiction in Western Canada, and are Factory Trained on many of the systems available.

British Columbia Master Distributor of Advanced Fire Systems

Special Detection Systems

Northfort can provide you with a Detection Solution to meet all of your challenges and requirements.

  • Early Warning Smoke Detection
  • Linear Heat Detection
  • Flame, Spark & Ember Detection
  • Video Smoke & Heat Detection
  • Fixed & Portable Gas Detection
  • Water Leak Detection

Fire Suppression Systems

Northfort's offering of Fire Suppression can provide you with an engineered system to meet your needs, paired with an Appropriate Detection System.

  • Clean Agent
  • Water Mist and Sprinkler
  • Foam Water and Hi-Ex Foam
  • Explosion Prevention
  • Marine Systems

Process Protection

Material that will burn in the solid or liquid form can cause an explosion in the dust or vapor form if dispersed in oxygen. A wide variety of industrial processes create combustible dust or vapor conditions that need to be addressed. 

Our Process Protection solutions are successfully employed in numerous types of industries, Solutions include the following:


  • Explosion Relief Vents
  • Explosion Flameless Vents
  • Explosion Suppression Systems
  • Explosion Isolation Systems
  • Detonation Arrestors
  • Spark Detection & Extinguishing Systems

Industrial Control Systems

Northfort offers the comprehensive line of ControlByWeb products that can be customized to provide:

  • Ethernet/Web Control and Annunciation
  • Modbus Connections
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Process Monitoring
  • Relay and Light Control
  • HVAC Control
  • and Much More 

Building Automation

Home and Building Automation Solutions using:

  • Zwave
  • Insteon
  • Control By Web
  • Universal Devices

Control your Home and Building:

  • Lights 
  • Heating 
  • Door Locks
  • Access Control
  • Window Blinds
  • and more